Felt Workshops

Felt workshops may be organized for various reasons: For teams in organizations that want to break certain patterns or to improve their co-operation, or for small groups of individuals who are interested in the felting process and who want to have a meaningful and pleasant time. Felt workshops may be organized on different experience levels.


Team building  

A strong and effective team has achieved a balance between the structure and the culture of the team. The structure, in which a clear commitment is asked for the goals, the tasks and the procedures and the culture, in which people commit themselves to the shared values and atmosphere, but in which responsibility is a major issue. In an Ellie Marbus felt workshop all these aspects will be covered and it's great fun too! Besides, the workshop delivers a nice "piece of art" as a souvenir. These workshops are organized in close co-operation with the Beneficial Transformation Centre in Baarn. (BTC)


There are three workshop levels: (max. 10 participants per group)
1. Basic,
In which I'll offer you the basic techniques of the felting process. You'll learn how to play with the differtent materials and colours.
2. Advanced
, in which I'll offer you additional techniques. You'll deepen the possibilities of felting.
3. Master class, in which you'll work on a whole project, guided by the expert.


All types of workshops may be provided on request. The initiator will take care of inviting the participants, the accommodation and the catering. A felt workshop starts at 10.00 A.M. and will last until 5.00 P.M. and it may be organized anywhere in the Netherlands and sometimes outside.  For more information and the constraints you may use the contact form or make a direct phone call at: +31.646406615. All workshops may be provided in German, Dutch or English.