Felt clothing

Felt clothing is made of natural fibres of outstanding quality like the finest Australian wool, Cashmere, Angora wool, baby camel hair, silk, linen and flax. Therefore felt clothing is very suitable for people with a sensitive skin. I intend to use wool which is handled in an environment friendly way. All felt clothing in my collection is unique and hand made, with much attention for every detail.

Felt Jackets

My felt jackets follow the body contours and it has very feminine forms. By using subtle details the felt jackets get a certain refinement which emphasizes the female lining perfectly.  Felt jackets are very comfortable to wear. This artistic clothing stresses your personality and it will be a gratification on any occasion. For felt jackets I design a strong, fine and supple fabric made of wool with silk. It's the silk that gives the fabric its beautiful structure and gloss.  

Silk Shawls

Silk shawls have a very special radiation and they are very comfortable to wear. Silk shawls have a beautiful transparency. They feel soft and they wear feather light. Silk shawls may well be used as an original extension on clothing. The silk fabrics and the silk and vegetable based fibres are dyed by hand in colours I design myself.

Felt Collars and Felt Jewellery

Collars and jewellery get their special gloss and radiation because the wool and the silk are dyed before the felting process. Combined with precious stones and shells they are very original extensions to your clothing. The felt collars and jewellery are also very comfortable to wear. All collars and jewellery are felted by hand.


Felt clothing is dust and water resistant and it is easy to maintain. Air the clothing on a regular basis.
Washing: Only when absolutely necessary. For good advice, please contact me, using the contact form or call me on: +31.646406615.