Ellie Marbus

At a certain time I wanted more colour and transparency in my work as an artist and I ran into felting. This initiated a total transformation in my art work.

Working mainly figuratively in clay and wax for years, I made the switch to textile work forms. By doing so, an old passion came alive again: designing and producing fabrics and clothing. At the same time my view on the possibilities of felting changed while in the meantime the ancient felting techniques had developed enormously. In my work I use these techniques with gratitude.

Most of the time I'll be inspired by the world around me. That may be a flower or the beautiful colours of a bird. An event or just the coincidental structure in a piece of wood. I also learned that the final result will bring me unexpected surprises because the materials can

only be controlled partly. That's what I find exiting and challenging. I enjoy every moment that I'm working on it.

For me, felting and everything that comes with it is like a voyage of discovery in which new possibilities open up all the time and they give me a lot of pleasure. On this website you may travel a bit with me and watch a selection of my work. I hope you'll enjoy your voyage and I will be pleased to respond to your questions or comments.

Ellie Marbus